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Painting, Digital Art, Glass

A new series composition inspired by Cy Twombly

I am thrilled to have come up with this composition. I think that it is a breakthrough. All this mental-commotion is about my newest series of compositions that I started conceiving in July 2016, titled Living a Life, inspired by the eminent artist Cy Twombly's gestural work. In keeping with my artistic style of combining different -isms and styles, this series unites Gestural Art, Op Art, Graffiti and collage.


From my Art Basel Spectrum Miami show

I got so many questions and interests during my show about my style. This post gives some detail about my pieces in the show. It continues with my style of uniting different artistic styles/isms from the past and contemporary art onto a single composition. These pieces unite Digital Abstract Impressionism + Op Art + Color fields + Graphic art.

Come to my show at Spectrum Miami 2016 at Art Basel Miami

Nov 26, 2016. Post 6. N4. Show / exhibition info. If you are at Art Basel next week (Nov 30-Dec4), come to my show. The VIP opening is on Nov 30 at 6pm. Here is the poster:   An article... Continue Reading →

Cloud and City Series No. 3: Times Square Fireworks with Pollock and Kelly

Continuing on my recent exploration of cityscapes, named the Cloud and City Series, here is the No. 3. The series continues on with my style of uniting different artistic -isms and styles to see what could otherwise not be seen. This series unites Abstract Expressionism + Minimalism + Abstraction + Color fields.

Cloud and City Series: Uniting Abstract Expressionism + Minimalism + Abstraction + Color fields

Post 4. F2. I am very excited about the recent series that I am working on, titled Cloud and City Series. As you know, my style is to combine, unify and integrate various art styles and -isms. For details look at... Continue Reading →

My first show

My first show was a group-show during Oct 9-24, 2015, hosted by Paul Fisher Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Firstposts and Nutposts: The statistics of my blogging, how long, how many, when and what

This post gives a little detail on my blogging practice. Firstposts, F: theory behind my work, my passion, my thinking process, my extended-thoughts, my favorite other-artists. Nutposts, N: shenanigans, art-moments, and thought-bursts or eurekaposts.

A permutative new style in art

My style is a fusion of the following: (1) Combination and permutation of all isms in juxtaposition, which I think is a necessity to represent today’s world, (2) Study of perspectives of every eye: of humans, animals and machines, (3) Deliberate manipulation of the focus of the viewer’s eye through repeated motifs, Op Art, other illusions, and color fields.

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