Mitun: Combining all Art-isms & styles # Artist's work, thoughts, theories

Painting, Digital Art, Glass


January 2016

My first show

My first show was a group-show during Oct 9-24, 2015, hosted by Paul Fisher Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida.


Firstposts and Nutposts: The statistics of my blogging, how long, how many, when and what

This post gives a little detail on my blogging practice. Firstposts, F: theory behind my work, my passion, my thinking process, my extended-thoughts, my favorite other-artists. Nutposts, N: shenanigans, art-moments, and thought-bursts or eurekaposts.

A permutative new style in art

My style is a fusion of the following: (1) Combination and permutation of all isms in juxtaposition, which I think is a necessity to represent today’s world, (2) Study of perspectives of every eye: of humans, animals and machines, (3) Deliberate manipulation of the focus of the viewer’s eye through repeated motifs, Op Art, other illusions, and color fields.

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