This post gives a little detail on my blogging practice. Firstposts, F: theory behind my work, my passion, my thinking process, my extended-thoughts, my favorite other-artists. Nutposts, N: shenanigans, art-moments, and thought-bursts or eurekaposts. Both post-types are my artistic voice and views. If theory is not your thing, you can skip the firstposts and go for nutposts, and vice versa.


Post 2. N1.



Longer philosophical blogposts, and shorter info blogposts. I have coined two terms for these two types – the former I am calling: firstpost, and the latter: nutpost.


By definition, a firstpost would be a post about the theory, philosophy and analysis of my work, and the state-of-the-art of the art-dom.

As an example, the last post was a firstpost, titled A permutative new style in art where I have detailed my style and rationale for my work.

Sometimes, these posts would be about my favorites artists or single works by other artists and the analysis behind those works; why I like them; how I see them. I am not putting any word limit on these long posts, but the average size would be about 2000 words. I’ll take a month or two from concept to writing – in addition to years of philosophizing and months of reading reference materials.

Nutpost and Eurekapost

The nutposts would be about little delights, my shows, how-to’s, work updates, a peek into my notebook-cum-sketchbook, discussing other blogs and any other thoughts I might have. These are mini-posts with about 100-1000 words.

For example, this post is a nutpost.

I will generally take about 1-3 hours to write these, and will generally reflect a micro-second of my thoughts, experiences or realizations. So one of these might actually be a Eureka! post, or a eurekapost.


I am not limiting the number of figures and photos in either of the post types. But never six pictures in a post. Never! If I have six, I will either remove one or add one. Five and Seven are both good numbers, and as an added bonus, both prime!

As for the rest about posts, I’ll experiment and see what works and what doesn’t as useful contributions – a chemistry that will hopefully come out as a result of mixing you, me, art and the world.

Now, lets have some tea before we are Over & Out. Cheers!


Pastel and pen on Paper. Preparatory sketch for a Series of Diversity and Perspective