Nov 26, 2016. Post 6. N4. Show / exhibition info.

If you are at Art Basel next week (Nov 30-Dec4), come to my show. The VIP opening is on Nov 30 at 6pm. Here is the poster:



An article at Art Daily News International Magazine about my work in the show can be found here.

“Mitun will exhibit her thought-provoking work at the gallery’s Spectrum Miami Art Fair booth; curated by the gallery’s Chief Curator, Mariavelia Savino. … The artist states … in the “Runway” series, the human form is blurred and only the glamour is brought to the forefront; a  new combination of style, by using together various isms and other past art styles in juxtaposition to explore yet-unexplored compositions and outlooks ..In the “Runway” series, I am continuing my exploration of focal points and their shifts in the human eye. This is a digital art print series of runway models with faces distorted. It is a combination style of Digital Art, Digital Impressionism and distortion, and Optical Illusion. The “Runway” series invites these questions: Do we look at models on the fashion show ramps, or do we focus on the dresses? As humans, where our subconscious tendency cannot ignore faces, how is a face or its legibility connected to the aesthetics of a dress or its commercial marketing aspects, subtexts, and contexts? How do the viewer’s eyes move through the composition?”


The four works from the Runway series to be exhibited at Spectrum explore the stages of a model’s career through visual storytelling. The interesting thing is that different arrangements of the pieces would tell different lifestories of different people. Here is a peek into the works:


The series will continue.

Hope to see you at Miami!