Mar 7, 2017. Post 7. N5. Style info from show/exhibition.

I got so many questions and interests during my show about my style. This post gives some detail about my pieces in the show.

In December 2016, I had my third group show (2nd at the same venue) at Art Basel Spectrum Miami with Contemporary Art Projects USA – see the VIP opening poster, and an excerpt from Art Daily News International Magazine from my last post here.


These four works are from Runway series. It is a woman-oriented series. It continues with my style of uniting different artistic styles/isms from the past and contemporary art onto a single composition. These pieces unite Digital Abstract Impressionism + Op Art + Color fields + Graphic art, and depict the four stages of a runway model’s career – from initial career, to fame and success, to downward career-curve. Read about other pieces in the series here.

Some pictures from the show:


Miami beach was breathtaking! Here is a pic


While traveling back to home, I stopped for a while to enjoy the Miami Airport artwork. It catches the lively and colorful spirit of Miami!


Hope you enjoyed the work. Thank you for reading.