Mar 12, 2017. Post 8. F3. Brainstorming two new series (Series: Living a Life, and Series: Sacred & Profane)

I am thrilled to have come up with this series composition. I think that it is a breakthrough. I am supremely hopeful that there would be at least a handful of people out in the world who would truly understand and appreciate this work.

All this mental-commotion is about my newest series of compositions that I started conceiving in July 2016, titled Living a Life, inspired by the eminent artist Cy Twombly’s gestural work. In keeping with my artistic style of combining different -isms and styles into a single composition in order to bring out a subconscious, tacit dimension of a subject, this series unites Gestural Art, Op Art, Graffiti and collage.

The initial phase was the preparatory drawings and vision of an assemblage to be done at a later time, titled Sacred and Profane, that would include paintings, objects and origami. Here are some preparatory sketches.

Mitun, Living a Life (Series prep): Sacred and Profane Assemblage prep 1, Pastel and colored pencil on archival paper, 5.5″x8.5″, Jul 2016
Mitun, Living a Life (Series prep): Sacred and Profane Assemblage prep 2, Pastel and colored pencil on archival paper, 5.5″x8.5″, Jul 2016


The vision of the assemblage, plus envisioning how it might look like ultimately on the collector’s home-wall, gave way to the Living a Life series. The No.1 in the series depicts a scenario – a still from such a life. It is a painting of still-life that has all the marks of lives lived, and this is where I felt the intense need for gestural art as a layer on top of the interior. Nothing else would have sufficed. It is because of these intense needs from time-to-time to articulate a vision within, that I feel the compulsory obligation to juxtapose different art-styles together, which has ultimately given rise to my own style over the years. In this way, my making of a composition is quite well-planned, organic, intellectual and philosophical, rather than impromptu expression and happy accidents.

Mitun, Living a Life (Series) No.1: Installation view of Sacred and Profane, Mixed media on canvas, 18″x24″, Aug 2016.














I think No.2 (below) speaks for itself. I am in love with this kind of painting within a painting within a painting concept. I have enjoyed the poetry-writing as much! No.2 is a qualifier of No.1. It is a painting in itself, so a noun, but an adjective as well of what came before.

Mitun, Living a Life (Series) No.2: Poetry of Living, Digital art with poetry and digital-collage, Aug 2016.

The black marks of the father, or the red marks of the mother, or the green marks of the first child, or the blue marks of the baby, or the purple marks of the dog, that guest – their time spent together, their favorites, loves, hates, happiness, sorrows … a story of life on canvas – this series is all about that.

Thank you for reading.