2-sentence Summary:

My artistic style is a new combinative style, by using together various –isms and other past art styles in juxtaposition within a single composition, in order to underscore viewers’ skewed viewing-process and to bias their center-of-attention, for any subject. This opens door to experiment with yet-unexplored compositions, perspectives, illusions and outlooks.


  1. Living a Life series unites Gestural Art + Op Art + Graffiti + collage;
  2. Cloud and City series unites Abstract Expressionism + Minimalism + Abstraction + Color fields;
  3. Runway series combines Digital Abstract Impressionism + Op Art + Color fields + Graphic art.

In Detail:

My art reflects a combination of -isms for simultaneous depiction of reality and subconscious, fighting aggressively for viewer’s attention. For example, combining Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, and Op Art in a painting; or Combining Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and color fields. Op art and other illusions have a strong presence in my compositions. I explore peripheral vision movements and controlling of eye-focus through these compositions. Any subject can be depicted with these combinative principles, including landscape, figurative and still life. The series Clouds and the City, combines the chaotic Abstract Expressionistic clouds and unknown sky, with the known simplistic, structured Minimalism of the city.

I extrapolate my compositions to include other perspectives beyond a human eye and mind. For example, would a bird see an object in the same way as humans? For such depictions, my combination style is crucial as it embeds parallel views. Sometimes, instead of highlighting all, it masks certain views. For example, in the Runway series, the human form is blurred and only the glamour is brought to the forefront.

More detailed:

A more descriptive and extended artist statement and artwork-photos are here.